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     Established in 2016 THE VR CENTER was initially just an idea, but now is a reality with all the major VR platforms and a large selection of arcade classic games. From the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR  to classic titles such as Ms.PacMan, Galaga, Kung-Fu Master, Tetris, Street Fighter, with many more selections(680 games in total). Being the first of it's kind in town to have 1v1 first person shooter in VR, you can have a friendly competition with your friends. THE VR CENTER is also where you can take lap around Daytona or fly down the Las Vegas strip, your choices are endless. THE VR CENTER Offers one of the most unique gaming experiences from Roanoke to Richmond VA.  You can also schedule blocks of individual time or book Parties,Team Building Exercises, Social Events, etc. by emailing


 About The VR Center