Founded in 2016, THE VR CENTER is the leading fun & educational center connecting customers with top-notch gaming experiences throughout SW VA.

Come see how we turn visions into unforgettable experiences, one customer at a time.

2023 Roanoke Small Business Veteran Owner Of The Year Award Winner

Come and experience a wide variety of virtual reality experiences such as racing, flying, shooting, running, and so much more! Race with up to 6 other friends, fly around the world, or run around and shoot some zombies on our state of the art omnidirectional treadmills! Whether you want a thrilling adventure or a fun group activity, The VR Center has something for everyone!

The VR Center isn’t just for individual fun, it’s also a unique venue for birthday parties and corporate events. Imagine a team-building exercise where you fight zombies together, or a birthday party where kids can race together. They even have experiences that simulate golf, soccer, and bowling, perfect for those who want a twist on classic activities.

If you’re an esports competitor, we offer high-powered PCs, PS5s, Xbox Series X’s, and the latest VR gear to help you train and compete at your best. And if your own PC or console that needs repairs, The VR Center has you covered with our experienced technicians.

Note: Virtual tour is DESKTOP ONLY ♦